HS & MS Student Ministry

Impact Student Ministries is for grades 6-12.  We are a student ministry that focusses on serving Christ by serving others. Our goal is to Impact our students for Christ, so that they in turn can Impact those they come in contact with.
Sunday Mornings:
9am – 10am: This is our Bible Study hour in which we study one book of the Bible at a time, one chapter at a time, and one verse at a time.  Our goal is to break the Scriptures down into a way that the students learn about what was taking place, during what time, involving who, and why it is important to the Gospel. We also make sure to apply this Scripture to today and how it is designed to Impact their lives today.
10am – 10:30am:  Food and fellowship time (usually spent in the Student Game Room playing pool, foosball, or air hockey).
10:30am – 11:30am:  We attend main worship during this hour. We believe it is important that students learn what it is to worship as a member of the church body; breaking bread with one another through communion.

Sunday Evenings:
Sunday evenings are set aside for our Small Group time. Small Groups are for those students that are serious about growing in their walk with Christ. We write or pick studies that challenge the students to put their faith into action on a daily basis.
We are currently doing the study: “Do Hard Things”, which will wrap up at the end of June. For July and most of August we will be doing a study called, “Redefining the Mission Field”. After that we will move into a study called, “H2O – A Journey of Faith”.
Small Groups start at 6pm with Food and Fellowship, followed by the study/discussion time from 7pm – 8ish.

Wednesday Evenings:
Wednesdays are topic driven and backed up by Scripture. We pick topics that the students are dealing with on a day to day basis.  God’s Word is our road map to handling what life throws at us. Currently we are doing a study called: The Purity Code.  It takes a look at the purity of the mind, heart, eyes, and body.  God has truly laid out what purity looks like in His Word. This study teaches that purity is not just about keeping your body pure, but to keep everything about us pure.
Class starts at 7 and runs until 8ish, but we have dinner available at 5:30.  Most of the youth come at 5:30 to eat and have time to hang out in the Game Room before class starts. This gives them time to catch up with their peers on how their weeks are going. That way they can focus better when class does start. We usually kick class off with an extreme game or crazy activity that ties into the lesson. Class ends each Wednesday night with a time of Praise and Worship.

We believe in the importance of keeping students engaged in church. We participate in camps, mission trips, youth conferences, beach retreats, ski retreats, and many other outings. We try to have something every month of the year.