Adult Groups

THE FORUM - Room 119 
This discussion class studies books of the Bible and occasionally has short studies on topics of class interest. Class members may also suggest topics that are of importance or concern to them.  All topics focus on the positive aspects of improving our service to Jesus and His church, understanding and integrating His will into our lives, and discovering Bible-based solutions to common problems or issues.  Facilitated by: N. Hamilton and T. Peterson

WOMEN'S CLASS - Room 116 
This Class is a class for women taught by women, our goal is to study from the Bible, encourage a deeper prayer life and share in fellowship. We also support Brighton Their World – a mission to send baby formula to orphans in needy countries. Facilitated by: D. Kisner and R. Hamilton.


DIGGING DEEPER -  Room 119  
Digging Deeper covers a range of topics and questions that you may wrestle with or hope to understand better.  If you are not currently involved in an Impact Class, then join us on this expedition and let's get started Digging Deeper! Facilitated by: J. Bradford and D. Redmon.



RENEW - Sanctuary

Our Renew study meets in the Sanctuary here at First Christian Church of High Point.  The primary teacher is Senior pastor Dean Tsiolkas. This is a topical class focused on applying God's Word to our everyday lives. Topics deal with the Spirit, Soul, & Body.

WOMEN'S STUDY - Room 118
All women are welcome to join us in this class facilitated by Patti Frost.

The Battle Plan for Prayer
MONDAY at 6:30 PM

The war is real. It's time to fight in prayer. Are you ready to take prayer to a different place in your life? Do you want to experience the joy of answered prayer on a regular basis? This small group is designed to help believers become more devoted to prayer and to faithfully and effectiveless wield the weapon of prayer in the battles and seasons of life. 

Through 8 weeks of scriptural study, you will:

  • Discover what prayer is; 
  • Gain understanding on how and why God wants us tio pray;
  • Learn to respond in prayer during spiritual warfare;
  • Discover truths about God that will help you pray in faith;
  • Develop targeted prayer strategies for your life.