Men's Ministry

For generations the enemy has perpetuated the lie that as men we are supposed to be able to 'do it all on our own.' But that lie ends here! God did not intend for us to go it on our own. When soldiers go into battle they have each other's back. Why then do we think we can enter into a spiritual battle and not call for back-up? It is time for us to take up the fight and to call in our back-up! Get plugged into the men's ministries offered here at FCCHP! 

Upcoming events:

Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

"Intimacy" study
1st & 3rd Saturdays each month at 8 AM
The "Intimacy” study began June 16 and will occur until the end of September.
INTIMACY: Understanding a woman's heart is the perfect place to start. Become the Biblical husband God has called you to be!
When it comes to relationships with women, most men fall to apply the same principles that make them succesful in other areas in life. It may be easy to get into a relationship with a women, but making a relationship work involves more. It takes energy...demands effort. If you want true intimacy and connection with the woman of your life, you'll need to grow up and graduate from God's school of character.

Contact Dean Tsiolkas or Jim Shields for details or more information about how to get plugged in to Men's ministry.