KidZone Summer Program
Summer is a time for exploration, fun, and adventure!  At KidZone After School Academy's Summer Camp, that is exactly what we aim to provide for your child!  Our Summer-long Camp is filled with different theme weeks and activities, fun field trips and special guest presenters.  Kids will engage in Arts and Crafts, Bible Lessons, Science Experiments, Sports and Outdoor Activities, Summer Reading, Swimming, and much, much more!  If you're looking for a place to keep your child engaged and growing this Summer, KidZone is place for you!

What can you expect from KidZone Summer 2019?

Bible Lessons & Content:
Kids will learn about some of the most influential people and events from the Bible in ways that incorporate games and activities along with great story telling.

These lessons lay a great foundational understanding about how God loves us, takes care of us, the character of God and what he expects from us, Who Jesus is and how made a way for us all to join him in heaven, and introduces kids to some of the greatest characters in the Bible.  
Kids also participate in a daily time of dynamic praise and worship.  Kids enjoy the big projection screen, exciting praise videos and lights that we use along side of contemporary praise music.  Our goal is to instill in kids the desire to daily come before God, honoring who He is!
Our Bible teaching is about introducing and equipping kids with basics of Christianity without putting a theological or denominational slant on what we teach.  This allows us to come alongside of families from diverse Bible believing backgrounds concentrating on our shared beliefs.

As Parents, you want your child to keep learning, but you don't want Summer to be just like another school.  At KidZone we understand that!  We have developed a Summer program that incorporates some of the things your child needs in ways that they will be excited about.

Science:  What is every child's favorite part about science class?  It's the experiments.  Kids love to roll up their sleeves, and get their hands dirty as they learn about the world around them.  One of our daily classes (except where field trips or special programs may take precedent) is Science Experiments.  Kids will love learning as they walk through the scientific method exploring their world. Many of the lessons we have prepared directly address science standards your kids will be learning in school, but are taught in a hands on way that schools often cannot provide.  Below is a sample of some of the topics that we will be exploring this Summer:

Electricity:  Static Electricity, Generators, Simple Batteries
Natural Science:  Weather, Meteorites, How Beaches Form
Life Science:  Bones and Calcium, How Chicks Breathe in an Egg, Tastebuds
Optics, Bubbles, Hovercrafts and Much, Much More!
This represents only a few weeks of what we will cover in Science

Reading:  Studies have shown that kids that don't read over the Summer often regress in their abilities by the time they return to school the next year.  The question is always, how do we motivate kids to keep reading when school is out. 
KidZone partners with the Jamestown Public Library each year to attend and participate in their Summer Reading Program.  Each week  kids attend a fun literacy inspired or educational program and have the opportunity to check out new books.  Throughout the week, kids have a daily half hour to read at KidZone, where they can log their time to earn prizes at the end of the Summer.  We also have an extensive kids library of our own that kids can choose from.  For our non-readers, there are read aloud times that help introduce the format of the story as well as reading activities/instruction to help them prepare to read on their own.  These activities count toward their reading logs to earn prizes as well.

Sports and Outdoors:
Kids need to not only grow their minds, but to keep their bodies in great shape too.  This summer kids will be engaged in a variety of different sports activities that allow kids to work on their fine and gross motor skills, explore athletics to find what they are good at and enjoy, and keep those little bodies in top physical shape.
Because of the NC heat in the Summer, we offer our Sports times in the morning before the heat of the day sets in.  We also offer several free play times throughout the day when kids have some non-structured time outside to just play with their friends.

Arts and Crafts:
It is important to encourage and foster creativity in our children!  That's why at KidZone Summer Camps we strive to come up with many diverse activities for your child to be involved in during Art class!  We want kids to be able to express themselves and explore a variety of different media.  Kids will work with paints and sculpture, collage and mobiles, exploring a variety of styles and movements.  Kids will also be exposed to different crafts and folk art that they will have the opportunity to immitate and inspire them.

What would Summer be without trips to the pool?  Kids love splashing around and playing with their friends in the pool and you'll love the safety precautions we put in place to make it not only fun, but worry free.
KidZone will be traveling to Washington Terrace Park Pool.  Washington Terrace is a fully staffed (with Lifeguards) facilitiy that we have visited for the past 3 years.  On top of having licensed lifeguards, we maintain a 10:1 ratio while at the pool of KidZone staff. We always have at least one staff member in the shallow end, one in the deep end and one on the deck helping to watch the kids. 
Children are required to pass a swim test to go out of the 3 ft area.  All other children must stay in the shallow area.  Children are allowed to wear life vests, but these must be US Coast Guard certified (this is a pool rule).  Children with life vests must still pass a swim test to leave the shallow area.  
There are hourly pool breaks so that all children take adequate breaks.

Field Trips and Special Events:
Each week we have scheduled at least one field trip or special event throughout the Summer.  To view a list of these events, follow the Field Trip link on the left of the page.

I realize that there is alot of information here to read, but there is a lot of activity involved in our Summer Camp.  Registration for the Summer is currently opened and is on a first come first serve basis.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at  336-454-5282 .